Why TIS? 10 Reasons
1. TIS is a successful secondary coeducational and residential IB World School, emphasising strong family values.
2. The TIS DP graduate is an articulate leader who is intelligent, balanced, independent and committed to service and lifelong learning. All graduating students attend university. To see the full list, go to: https://www.tis.edu.gh/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/School-Profile-300818-c.pdf
3. We provide a safe, happy and inclusive learning and living environment for our students. As a registered SAT and ACT Test Centre, our students are familiar with the test centre environment and do not have to travel to complete these exams.
4. The TIS experience encompasses academic excellence, leadership, cultural, sporting and service learning experiences and opportunities for all students and across all grades.
5. International experiences include Model United Nations, language study tours to Spain and France, and specific curriculum field trips.
6.A successful school reflects a strong school community. Although TIS is a residential school, the school ensures regular communication through weekly bulletins and monthly newsletters, frequent events to which parents are invited, online reporting and an open door policy with the Principal.
7. Our Alumni, successful past students who have pursued/completed undergraduate studies in colleges and universities around the world, are a special part of TIS. Most Alumni members frequently visit the school to meet their former teachers and staff, talk to students about their experiences, as well as participating in different school events.
8. A multitude of clubs and activities are conducted after school and during weekends during each semester. Clubs and activities include: art and craft; bead making; badminton; basketball; chess club; cooking; cosmetology; garden club; handball; information attaché; keep fit club; MUN Club; needlework; pop band; readers’ and writers’ club; regimental band; robotics; school choir; science fair club; soccer; strings; swimming; swimming club; table tennis club; taekwando; tennis; and zumba.
9. Our facilities cater for our scientists, musicians, artists, sports stars, computer scientists and academics. Our school-wide wifi network enables our students to access online resources, digital textbooks and learning management system within our IT labs or by using their own devices. The learning program and environment promotes our students to become active learners and critical thinkers within a balanced program.
10. The students’ natural talents in music, drama, singing and dance are enhanced and displayed each year through various opportunities and events. The TIS Annual Play has established an enviable reputation within the local and wider communities. ‘The Lion King’ is still being spoken about in Accra, three years after the event. The 2015 performance, Sarafina, was described by the TIS Board Chairman, “as good as any world-class play I have seen." Everyone is now in awe after the 2016 performance, Evolution. Will your son or daughter be involved next year?