Secondary School Year Groups


At Tema International School, the Junior Secondary (MYP) comprises four years:

• Grade 7 (11-13 years)

• Grade 8 (12-14 years)

• Grade 9 (13-15 years)

• Grade 10  (14-16 years).

Senior Secondary (DP) comprises two years:

• Grade 11 (15-18 years)

• Grade 12  (16-19 years).

Students transferring from a secondary school that covers seven years will normally apply for admission for the same grade in the following year. For example, if the student is currently in Grade 9 in a school that goes up to Grade 13 in 2018/2019, then this student should register for Grade 9 I 2019/2020. Please note that this student will graduate in the same year as their current cohort.

The preferred entry point is Grade 7, as this will result in four years in the Middle Years Program.

While Grade 10 entry is now possible, parents and students need to be aware of the Personal Project and eAssessment requirements to satisfy MYP conditions.

Students will not be allowed to enter directly into Grade 12, unless they are transferring from another IB World School and subjects match the TIS curriculum offering.